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Very young I was thirsty for discoveries of distant horizons. My first trip, at the age of 25, shocked my life. I went to Cuba alone with my backpack. I made unforgettable human encounters and had the chance to live life experiences that marked me forever.

Since then I have never stopped traveling: Thailand, Cape Verde, Turkey, Morocco, Bali, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Botswana, Namibia ... I caught the travel bug and today I pass it on to my son. My greatest wish is to arouse his curiosity so that later, in his turn perhaps, he feels this deep desire to see what happens elsewhere.

If there is one thing in common between all these destinations, it is the richness of cultures. What drives me is the contact with the population, the simplicity and the authenticity of the exchanges. The language is no longer a barrier, elsewhere we speak with the heart.

Our first trip to Namibia was a real favorite. Far from the hellish spiral in which we live, there we are in the moment. While experiencing a painful burn-out situation, the rise of the Big Daddy allowed me to become aware of what I really wanted in life: to share my passion for travel with the greatest number.
Today with EJY TRIP and my local partners, I propose you the time of an adventure in Earth unknown to disconnect to better find you.

The large spaces, the fauna, the flora, the magic of the landscapes in the original state will connect you to the essential. You will not hear anymore but listen, see more but observe and especially feel and shudder!
I invite you to live a unique moment that you will never forget.

Unlike a traditional agency, I know the destinations and I also rely on my local partner, Joseph Rafiki Tours & Safaris, expert on these destinations: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.
Prepare your suitcase and passport, I take care of everything.


My name is Joseph M. Kafunda and a Namibian who speak seven languages, many local and international languages of which French and English are the two I have been using for Guide. I am a journalist by profession and I worked for a few years as a reporter for the local newspaper before and after my studies. 

In 2003, I worked in a shop in town and that's where my interest in tourism was born. From now on, I devote myself to the development of tourism in Namibia and I have a lot of objectives to carry out to meet this challenge. In 2010 I left the travel agency where I was working to study with the Namibia Girl Guide Association: I graduated from Level 3 after 17 months of school, and I pass currently my national guide certificate. Today I am been able to do my dreams job with flairs and great smile.

Last year complete my acknowledge I enroll into a cross border study between Namibia and South Africa of which was just to keep myself busy and gain more knowledge about cross border guiding and I have pass this test and from next year I can be able to guide in both Namibia and South Africa using my certificate that I have obtain from the University of Pretoria Department of Tourism.

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